A little history

The Garcia Brothers, eleven in total, were born into a family of

fishermen in the province of Las Villas, Cuba. As early as the age of 9, the boys would join their father and head out to sea to learn the trade and help the family. They fished, they processed, and they sold their fresh catch - first in Las Villas and later expanding to the neighboring province of Matanzas.


In 1964, with Cuba in the grips of Castro's Communist regime, and their business confiscated by the government, the first of the brothers headed to Miami to start a new life. The others would eventually follow. As was the case for so many other Cuban exiles, their early years were lean years. Day and night, the brothers worked and fished for local companies with a single goal in mind: to save enough money to start their own seafood business in Miami. That dream became reality in 1966 when Garcia Brothers Seafood was established. Initially a fresh fish market, processing plant, and wholesaler, the Garcias saw their business thrive thanks to their fresh product, hard work, and dedication.


In 1976, the brothers decided to equip their fish market with deep fryers and u-shaped counters so that they could serve their daily catch. "Los Paraditos", so nick-named by La Camaronera faithful because you eat standing up, were born. By all accounts, La Camaronera has been a Cuban fish-fry at its best from the very start.


Today, La Camaronera continues to offer its patrons a steady supply of fresh fish and jumbo, succulent shrimp fried to perfection.

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Sundays                     10:30 am. to 4:00 pm.

Monday - Thursday   10:30 am. to 5:30 pm.

Fridays & Saturdays  10:30 am. to 9:00 pm.

1952 W. Flagler St.

Miami FL 33135

T: 305.642.3322

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